We are agile

In an agile work environment we can quickly get an application up and running with basic functionality and then iterate - adding functionality and refactoring the code.

The key with Agile development is to get something working and then refactor it to make it work better. This gives us the advantage of moving fast and constantly improving.

We are test driven

Test driven development fits in with agile development increadibly well. It ensures that within our short sprints we write robust code. But how does it work?

  • Write the test for required functionality
  • Write the code for the functionality
  • Test the code works

As we work like this we make sure that the code we deliver is covered by tests, and when we deliver code we also deliver the tests too so you can be confident that our code works the way we say it will.

But test driven developement isn't just about code coverage its also a question of design. We create better code, better APIs and therefore robust applications.

We are coders

Above all, we are coders.

Great code makes great applications. We've been freelancers for quite a few years and because of this we have worked using lots of different methodologies at the companies we've worked with.

We haven't chosen Agile and Test Driven Development because we've read about the latest buzzwords or we are trying to tick boxes. We genuinely believe that these methodologies are the right way for us to do our job.

Matt Poole

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Tim Ashworth

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Some of the companies our team have worked with :

Some of the companies our team have worked with